Book Chapters

‘Recovering the past and present: feminist historiography of Punch and Judy’. Eds. Daniher, Colleen Kim and Marlis Schweitzer. Women’s Innovations in Theatre, Dance, and Performance Volume 1. London: Bloomsbury. Anticipated 2025.

Punch with a Twist’. Ed. Lidington, Tony. Re-Imagining British Popular Entertainment through the Ages’ – an analysis of form, content and meaning by contemporary British practitioners. London: Routledge. Anticipated 2025.

Conference Papers

“Punch and Judy and English Identity,” Application of puppetry in cherishing national identity, University of Belgrade, Serbia.

“Mother of Radical/Transgressive Punch,” Early European Puppetry, Yale University, Connecticut, USA, Oct 12 – 15, 2023.

“Thinking anew about historiography of Punch and Judy,” Puppetry and Material Performance Working Group, American Society for Theatre Research, Dec 2023.